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Bill Pay

Benefits of using Bill pay.

Paying your monthly bills with a handwritten check sent through the mail may be part of your bill-paying routine. But did you know there's a secure automated way to pay your bills each month without a handwritten check?

  1. Bill pay service allows members to schedule payments, and the payments are made electronically. This bill payment service is a great deal to save money and time as there is no fee for the first 50 bill payments you make, but after the first 50 payments, the charges are only 20 cents.

  2. You can arrange single payment or recurring payments, depending on what works best for you.

  3. You can manage all your payees in one location with insecure member access instead of individually utilizing each payee site.

  4. You can control when to pay, and if you ever need to stop or change payment to a payee, you can easily do so through member access.

  5. Bill payments work with most checking accounts, cash points, global accounts, and a health savings account, giving you flexibility.

  6. You can manage your payment on your smartphone or your mobile device.

Understanding the VA Payee

VA Payee is a beneficiary of a veteran full may have become disabled on duty or may have died during active duty or active training. Recipients of veterans who may suffer PTSD or mental disability are like being bipolar and get a percentage of the VA Payee.

Federal agencies have a veteran administration program that was initiated to protect veterans and other beneficiaries who cannot manage their benefits because they are either unfit or have specific disabilities that limit them. VA Payees are appointed to manage finances from the federal benefits.

This is a tax-free monthly benefit that goes to surviving spouses and surviving children and, in some cases, survives the independent parents of a veteran who has passed away. Veterans must contact the service department or must die due to active duty. The monthly benefit is around $1200

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